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How to predict/best practice for mate mate connector offsets training/video?

eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 538 PRO
edited February 21 in Product Feedback

The discussion in here reminded me that I didn't see anything showing in detail how to best use mate connectors anywhere in the training or various tips etc...

I think some Webinar/video/white paper on the "behind the scene" workings on how mate connectors behave could be quite helpful. I've gotten better at figuring out what is going to happen based on selection etc but I had to try to figure it out by trial and error and probably still don't understand all of it...

Some discussion on how to use the offsets within the mates vs offsetting the mate connectors themselves would also be helpful, I only remember seeing this mentioned in the training for re-orienting the MC for an angled pin-slot mate but there is a lot more to it!
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