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Onshape Benchmark (UNOFFICIAL) - Fill out to see your results!

MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,769 PRO
edited February 2022 in General

Onshape Benchmark Sheet (UNOFFICIAL)

This is the Unofficial Onshape Benchmark. This was created so that we can compare our systems and see which ones are the very best for Onshape. There are several types of results; the "Open Division" is for everyone to participate in, the "Closed Division" will be strict tests where only one variable is changing at a time in order to obtain pure data. I would love to add more entries to the open division is anyone is willing to participate. 

Your benchmark sheet includes a live chart which is linked to the Open Division records.
If you send me your Benchmark sheet, I will add it to the records!


Up to date results for the Open Division can be found here. This will be updated as more records are posted in this discussion. 
Open Division - Onshape Benchmark - Results
Closed Division - Onshape Benchmark GPU - Results

Special thanks to:

@alnis for providing the assembly studio
@Jason_S for walking me through Onshape technical info
@JD for letting me use those graphics cards for the GPU tests

How to use the Onshape Benchmark Sheet (UNOFFICIAL)


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