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New modified cutlist feature

shawn_crockershawn_crocker Member, OS Professional Posts: 801 PRO
edited March 2022 in General
Thought I would put it out there.  I have modified the cutlist feature to apply cutlist properties and some tagged profiles column values to part properties.  The feature basically performs exactly as usual except it also applies some things right into the part properties.  The onshape feature was built with really great frame grouping of identical members so this modification builds off that and only changes the part properties of the first frame in an identical frame group.  This helps with dropping the part into an assembly and avoid multiple parts of the same frame.  The one that has been named properly is the one to use in the assembly.  I use the generated composite part to replicate part frame members onto which sort of dynamically patterns identical frame members to give proper quantities in the BOM.  I have done this mainly because using a composite part and not having the frame lengths pushed into the main product BOM doesn't work for me (don't know how it works for anyone honestly).  A welded frame is an assembly no matter how you look at it.  It is an assembly that uses welds to hold things together instead of physically separated fasteners.  I use the BOM in another system to crunch down and generate a total used materials report so...



I'm using the "standard" of the tag profile to hold the profiles part number.  I'm doing this because each profile I use is configured and ATM it seems we can't configure the values of the added columns of the tag profile feature.
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