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CNC tube bending Drawing

sebastien_fryssebastien_frys Member Posts: 3 PRO
edited April 2022 in Drawings
Hi all,

I have a pretty complex 3D CNC tube bending to put into production.

The preferred drawing requested by the supplier uses a table to reference the bends coordinates.

My question is: What would be the best workflow in Onshape to have this result. Is there some level of automation possible?
I know there has been a lot of work by the community for custom features about 3D tube routing . And I suspect custom tables could be useful too.
However I am not yet very comfortable with comfortable with all that.
If someone has a clear idea on what workflow would be suitable and what features I should be looking into?

Thanks a lot



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    rob_auninsrob_aunins Member Posts: 2 PRO
    I have also seen manufacturing drawings with pull/turn/bend numbers instead of the XYZ, both are useful for tube benders. I was thinking about this recently whilst considering a pipe routing. What I managed to do was to show the sketches inside the drawing views, dimension the bend intersections and then transcribe those into a blank table.
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    rob_auninsrob_aunins Member Posts: 2 PRO
    The major limitation with that approach is that the table doesn't update if I change the pipe.
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    jnewth_onshapejnewth_onshape Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 66
    Hi @rob_aunins and @sebastien_frys
    Im one of the developers on the Frames featureset. I'd love to hear more about a) what you need b) what your tube suppliers need c) what you have liked/disliked about other CAD and CAM packages doing similar things. I would have characterized this as a CAM need rather than a CAD need -- but I'd much rather hear from customers than relying on my own wrong conclusions! Could I ask you both for a favor? Please file this with support (same process as creating a ticket). Discussing on the forums is great and I want to encourage it but generating that improvement request starts the paper trail the product and dev teams need to start design and scoping discussions.
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