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Sheetmetal corner

Axel_KollmenterAxel_Kollmenter Member Posts: 410 PRO
edited April 2022 in Community Support
Hello everyone,

how can I achieve that face1 is planar with face2 without the cornerfreecut shown in the second picture?

I´ve tried a couple of methods yet but none of them work like it should work...


It should look like the following picture but without the hole in the corner.

So the corner has to be like the corner in the first picture but de faces has to be planar.
Best regards,

Axel Kollmenter


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    matthew_stacymatthew_stacy Member Posts: 476 PRO
    @axel_kollmenter_, you're on the right track by finishing the sheet metal.  But you will likely need to apply curves and surface modeling tools to fill the gap.  There are several good lessons on both topics in the Onshape learning center

    I took a stab at filling your corner gap by first trimming the sheet metal back to purposely enlarge it.  Then I added bridging curves, filled surfaces, and enclosed.  The resulting surfaces are not very elegant and would certainly benefit from guide curves and further refinement.  But it's a start.

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    Axel_KollmenterAxel_Kollmenter Member Posts: 410 PRO
    Thanks for your reply @matthew_stacy but this is not the exact way how I wanted it. I attached a picture how the corner should look like
    (But in this case both lashes are bended with 90°. In my case (linked document in the question)  one lash is bended by 90° and the other one with 45°)
    In this case I cant use a Butt Joint Feature...

    So in this picture we have a closed corner and face1 and face2 are  planar.

    I want the result of this picture in my linked document.
    Best regards,

    Axel Kollmenter
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