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Blue and red lines showing up in assembly

ryan_frazier982ryan_frazier982 Member Posts: 2
I was using the IPad vr of onshape last night and I did something, not sure what but now I am showing blue small target lines that are going through all my connection points that I made for my bolts and nuts. I am not sure how to turn them off. See the image below. I am sure it is a simple thing but I have just started using the software and am not sure what button I clicked. 


  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 918 PRO
    edited May 11
    Those are called "Mate connectors" They allow the mates to connect. One way to hide them for mobile is to:
    • Tap one of them to select it.
    • Then two finger tap the white space in your screen.
    • Select "Hide other mate connectors".
    On pc you can press "K" to show / hide mate connectors. I don't think there is a "Hide all mate connectors" option for mobile at the moment, but hide others will get you close, then you can hide the last one.
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