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layout sketch of subassembly showing in every linear pattern instance

Lucas_KuhnsLucas_Kuhns Member Posts: 31 PRO
Is there some way of hiding all sketches or excluding a subassembly's sketch from a linear pattern?

I have an assembly that has a sketch for laying out components. This sketch is hidden in the latest version but I am showing it here so you know what it looks like in.

In a separate document, I made another assembly with 6 pcs - one positioned and then 5 from a linear pattern. Those layout sketches all showed on the linear pattern instance but ok, it's only 5. Just hide them one by one and move on.

Then I linear patterned that pallet of 6 on a truck and I have almost 360 sketches showing (60 pallets x 6 sketches showing on each one)!

Needless to say, I am not excited about hiding 360 sketches and I can't really suppress the sketch in the original component.


  • eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 448 PRO
    Try "shift+p"...
    But if you do a "show all", they will come back, but at least that should hide them in one step.

    It would be nice if you could "hide" something at a lower level and would default to being hidden at higher levels. Or maybe a "flag" similar to exclude from BOM and "not revision managed" so you can tell a piece of geometry it's "Construction only" and should remain hidden unless you specifically show it!
  • Lucas_KuhnsLucas_Kuhns Member Posts: 31 PRO
    That worked great! Thank you. I had checked the list of keyboard shortcuts but must have missed it.
  • eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 448 PRO
    edited July 8
    "P" toggles planes in part studios, and "shift+P" hides all "construction geometry" in one go, sketches, planes, etc...

    I only discovered a couple of days ago that it works in assemblies so this was fresh in my mind but I'm not sure it's documented anywhere!

    Edit: it's listed under the "3D view" shortcuts.
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