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Mating Telescoping Parts

patrick_sheapatrick_shea Member Posts: 35 EDU
Is there an easy way to mate a couple of pieces of square tube so they telescope.  I have been using 2 planer mates, but looking for an easier way..



  • S1monS1mon Member Posts: 1,057 PRO
    A slider mate centered with the mate connectors centered on the ends of the tubes would work well. You can easily set a limit for the sliding. 

    Assuming you're not modeling everything with line-to-line impossible tolerances, to some degree, how you mate this depends on the philosophical approach you want to take. If you want things to be biased based on one corner, you could keep the planar mates, or use a slide mate with MCs at the corners of the two faces. If you want everything to float with tolerance all around, then my first suggestion would make sense.
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