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Tips and Tricks 2022

john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 3,752 PRO
edited September 2022 in General
Here's a cool trick I just found (Some of you may have already figured this out, maybe this was the original intention of the feature and it just clicked for me... :p )

Since Onshape has added memory to the insert dialogue, insert will remember your last selection. (of course)
What I didn't realize right away, was the fact it works instantly between browser sessions. So, we can take advantage of that in certain cases.

For Example:
Everyone knows, you cannot copy parts from one tab or document into another.
So, when you want to copy a stack of fasteners.
You would have to insert them all one at a time and go through all of the context menus in the insert dialogue.
Which we all know can be a major pain since there are so many configurations of each fastener.

So, by opening the insert dialogue in the original document (via. Edit Standard Content Instance)
you can then go back to your destination document and open the insert dialogue to instantly get the configuration you need.
I'm sure this will work with more than just fasteners, but this surely will be something I'll be using more often now!


Video below shows:
- attempting to copy parts from one document's assembly to another document's assembly
- opening the Insert dialogue on the original document by means of "edit standard content instance" to update insert's memory
- opening the insert dialogue on the destination document to insert the last remembered part.

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