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Does this mean I cannot use Onshape on this computer? Total newbie here.

rich_grossrich_gross Member Posts: 2
I tried to load in an STL.  All I get is a tab? that shows the name.  On the left side, there is a red dot under "system". As I read that area, it sounds like I may not have the computer or system needed to open Onshape.  Instructions said to go to WebGLMAX.  Reading that It said to run it and go to the bottom and look for either Intel (bad) or Nvidia (good).  My results say neither.  After Unmasked Render I have .... Unmasked Renderer: ANGLE (Google, Vulkan 1.3.0 (SwiftShader Device (Subzero) (0x0000C0DE)), SwiftShader driver)  Any help appreciated.  My computer is an ASUS Notebook Vivobook 15 with 12 gb ram  Sorry, but I am new at this  (at age 83)  Ha Ha .
                           Unmasked Vendor: Google Inc. (Google)


  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 4,368
    Hi @rich_gross - any age is a good age to learn CAD! It should still run, but probably a bit slow. When you import something (STL) it will create a tab where the file was uploaded, but it will also create a tab called a Part Studio with the imported geometry (you may have to click the house icon bottom left, if it is there). Please note: Onshape can view but cannot edit STL - it is used for reference only.
    Director, Technical Services, EMEAI
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