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how to mark up sketch/drawing

jeff_mcafferjeff_mcaffer Member Posts: 47 ✭✭
I have a building floor plan as a sketch and would like to mark it up with, for example, locations of switches, sockets, devices, fans, ... and their circuit number.

Seems like I can do this either on the sketch or the associated drawing. On sketches the only element that looks promising is a "text" and that does not allow for colors or shape borders (to distinguish different categories).

Callouts look promising on drawings. I could use a different shape for each category of thing and then the callout text as the circuit number. Great. Callouts however feel somewhat cumbersome to use and don't seem to allow copy/paste (common to have up to 10 of the same markup in one room) or allow for colors. Notes also seem like they could work if I use colored text and repurpose some of the symbols in conjunction with the circuit number. Unfortunately, in both cases these elements appear unrelated to the underlying sketch in the drawing -- if the sketch changes, the callouts/notes don't move.

In one way I'm abusing onshape for this 2D scenario but in practice this is one part of the project. Elsewhere I'm generating a 3D model from the floorplan sketch. So I'd like markup that is part of the sketch (so it stays accurate) but is not a "part" etc (so it does not mess with the 3D model).

Is there a different way to look at this? or am I just barking up the wrong tree?


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