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Delete internal volume featurescripts

michael_mcclainmichael_mcclain Member Posts: 198 PRO
Hello, I am calculating buoyancy of an assembly and I am wondering if there are existing featurescripts that can help automate my process.

I begin with my assembly and use Create part studio in context using the assembly origin as the origin of the new part studio. I then use Transform -> Copy in place to grab all the solid bodies that represent the external volume of the assembly. The next step is to use Create selection and Extrude, Revolve, Move Face, Delete face, boolean etc... to get rid of all of the internal cavities so I am left with a 100% solid volume that I can use to calculate total volume.

My question is whether there is a featurescript to automate the process of deleting the internal volumes. Something that can select bodies, find all internal cavities and fill them.

It would also be great if there were extra features to select bodies, immediately boolean-union them, delete internal cavities, and output a total volume.

I could of course write a featurescript for this, but I want to first check if the work hasn't already been done. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks


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