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FeatureScript beginner questions

hendrik_kueckhendrik_kueck Member Posts: 11 ✭✭
I am just starting to dive into FeatureScript and have a few beginner questions. 

Quick background: I am a hobbyist OnShape user, experienced software developer but brand new to FeatureScript.
I watched the (very good!) videos in the FeatureScrip Fundaments course, but haven't written anything yet. 
My motivation for getting into FeatureScript is that I found the "Board Corner Joint" custom feature (https://cad.onshape.com/documents/efc963b657ec24bd8613fb51/v/2f1d6538b8ee5e65e875c06d/e/daec011899356d6d6cfceaa4) and was excited to use it in a wood CNC project. However unfortunately I found it to not work as expected most of the time, so I want to debug and hopefully fix / improve it (I saw that the original author sadly has passed away). 

My initial questions: 
How do I open the imports used in a FeatureScript? For example the "Digital Joints Utils" imported into the FS linked above. I expected Cmd + mouse click to open the linked file. But it does not. I tried other modifier keys and right clicking, but have not found any way to open the linked file. 

In the editor, when I Cmd-click on a symbol defined in the same file I get taken to the definition. Is there a keyboard shortcut to take me back to my previous location in the code afterwards? 

My understanding based on the videos is that debugging relies primarily on printf style debugging (using debug() and println()), so no breakpoints, stepping through code, watching variables etc. Is that correct? Or are there more advanced interactive debugging tools available? 

Also if anybody is interested in helping to update/fix this CNC joint script, that'd be great. 


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