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Reference Manager errors

jim_wilson436jim_wilson436 Member Posts: 23 PRO
We frequently encounter the following error in our hierarchy of models. The Reference Manager erroneously reports that a new version for some part is available. If you navigate to the part in question and hover over it, the following text appears:

The Reference Manager concluded that the document containing the part "CONN-3x1RA" has a newer version. "Newer" meaning later than the version from which the part was inserted or previously updated to. That conclusion is incorrect, as can be seen by opening the linked document, which reveals the version from which the part was inserted (or last updated)--and this shows that there is no version newer; the latest one is linked.

The error is particularly vexing because it prevents using the Reference Manager's Update All function to propagate updates to lower assemblies or parts. It produces an endless loop of automatically created new versions containing no changes. Instead, to propagate new work into the assembly hierarchy, we have to meticulously wade through every linked element of every part and sub-assembly, from the bottom up, and selectively update only the references which actually contain changes.

Can something please be done to fix this?

Pinning references to specific versions or ignoring the Reference Manager's "new version available" indicators are not good alternatives.

On the other hand, as a workaround, it would be helpful if the Reference Manager could somehow expose the condition that caused it to conclude a new version exists (or is needed). That might at least give the user a hint toward finding an alternative structure that avoids the error.




  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 4,948
    I take it you pressed the blue button at the top next to the Insert button? Not sure what's going on - I checked all the docs and they do look like they are referencing the latest version. Open a support ticket.
    Senior Director, Technical Services, EMEA 
  • jim_wilson436jim_wilson436 Member Posts: 23 PRO
    Hi, Neil! Thank you for responding!

    Yes, we propagate new versions in one of four ways: 1. Pressing the blue button at the top, 2 & 3. right clicking on the tab at the bottom or in the Tab Manager flyout and selecting "Update linked document...", or 4. right-clicking on a linked item in a Part studio "Features and parts" flyout or Assembly "Instances and mates" flyout and selecting "Update linked document..." The first three methods are apparently equivalent, although not all of them are always available, but some always are. The Reference Manager opens and apparently scans the entire tab contents for out-of-date references. Via the fourth method, the Reference Manager opens and apparently scans the assembly tree for the selected item only.
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