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Joining 2 points across a perpendicular plane

benn_banksbenn_banks Member Posts: 20
I created 2 semi circles on two parallel planes that are offset from eachother. I then created another plane across the flat sides of the Semi circles and im trying to sketch 2 lines from the outer points of the semi circles down that perpendicular plane. but the tool wont snap to the outer points, it will only snap to the center point of each semi circle. 

My end goal is to create a sketch to loft from one sketch to this semi tube sketch.

What am i missing? or is there an easier way to do what im trying to do?

Best Answer


  • Narayan_KNarayan_K Member Posts: 379 ✭✭✭
    @ benn_banks, from your description what i understood is your trying to do a guide curve to loft the two semi circle.For that your not able to select end points of semicircle.
    If so you can make guide curve as below,

    If above mentioned case is not you expected then please share your document or some snaps to understand more on your problem.
  • benn_banksbenn_banks Member Posts: 20
    Kind of, That helped me draw the lines i wanted but it wont loft from one sketch to the other.
  • viruviru Member, Developers Posts: 619 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2015
    @benn_banks , Currently in Onshape sketch entity is not snapping to other sketch entities which is drawn on sketch plane. Snapping is happening if sketch is drawn on any part face. In this case sketch entity is snap to that part face boundary only. If you made origin point in show condition then sketch entity is snapping to origin point. If you required snapping to outer points of the semi circle then u can project reference sketch entity as shown in below video.

  • Narayan_KNarayan_K Member Posts: 379 ✭✭✭
    @ benn_banks, please refer below video,

  • benn_banksbenn_banks Member Posts: 20
    In the pic i added above, I got the lines to show and now im trying to loft too the yellow lines and yellow arches from on the left, to the rounded sketch on the right, similar to this pic and the gap that wraps around the metal heatsink.
  • viruviru Member, Developers Posts: 619 ✭✭✭✭
  • Narayan_KNarayan_K Member Posts: 379 ✭✭✭
    @ benn_banks, I think you have to loft profile1 to profile2 in below image,

    For that you have select closed profile 1 and 2 as below,

  • benn_banksbenn_banks Member Posts: 20
    That answers it! but i get this weirdness when I do that. Buttt.......
    When i made the loft i had to do a surface instead of solid, cause after, it wouldnt do a Shell from the solid. Then after the surface was formed i used the thicken tool, then extruded the circle to cut the slot out.

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