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Something better than Sketch Wrapping?

S1monS1mon Member Posts: 2,230 PRO
edited March 2023 in FeatureScript
Are there other Featurescripts out there that do all the warping/wrapping of sketches in @konstantin_shiriazdanov Sketch Wrapper

There are several FS in the document, including Rect to Polar, which I've used a bunch to take text and a logo and make it flow along an arc. The downside is that the feature is really slow, and it seems like Konstantin is not updating any of his amazing features.

Part of the challenge is that it's trying to be as accurate as possible, but it ends up creating a zillion points to do its job. I know that Béziers can't go through a perspective transform without changing shape, but I wonder how bad that would really be for most cases.

Here's a tire size which is being warped onto an arc.

In this case, I could have broken this into 5 characters, and just angled each one so that it's normal to the arc, and it would have been close enough. 

With other text, where an unwarpped character would have a bunch of verticals, it would look funny to just angle each character. Rect to Polar does what I want, it's just slow and tricky to use. (here you can see how the verticals on the "M" are normal to the arc).

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