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Configuration basics

joseph_newcomerjoseph_newcomer Member Posts: 87 ✭✭✭
I have lost my ability to create a configuration, and the documentation becomes very confusing.

Here is my part studio.

I created a variable, #spacing_distance, which can have various values.  I have used those values as the configuration names.
If I select a different configuration, I can see the position of the bottom pin change, which is what I want
But, I want to "emboss" the size on the inside.  So the sketches "Size Mark x.x" should be suppressed for all but one that represents the actual configuration length.

Problem description: a manufacturer created shelf pins with only the top pin in place.  These have, in practice, proven to be too fragile.  However, the person that has the shelf has found that the company no longer manufactures that shelf or replacement shelf brackets.  The idea here is to put a second pin in place to reduce the strain and therefore reduce the breakage.  An additional problem arose when we discovered that the holes are not "evenly spaced" but vary by small amounts.  So the idea is to first print one of each of these sizes.  The shelf owner will then determine what sizes are required, and give me a list.  I will then select a configuration and print the brackets.

I have done this before, where I got a check box under each of the sketches.  I would then click one to unsuppress that sketch, and the others in that row would be unclicked.  That was a year ago, and I no longer can figure out how I did it.  The documentation is unhelpful.  And very confusing, and when I try to follow it, it produces something almost, but not quite, totally unlike what I want.

Some hints of what to look for would be appreciated.


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