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Designating a hole location

Newbie here.  I have done the tutorials and videos.  Having a little challenge when I try to put a hole in a simple flat surface.  
I sketch a rectangle in the top plane, select it, and then click the Hole icon.
In the Hole dialog, I select <simple>, <0.5cm> and <through>.
My problem is the next step, where the dialog box says <sketch points to place holes>.
I can't seem to get a hole location to "stick".  I am using a trackpad on a chromebook.
It doesn't do anything with a single click, and "hold with one finger, slide with other finger" just draws a box that disappears.  The only thing that seems to come close to drawing a hole marker is when I click with 2 fingers and hold.  A circle with an X inside it appears.  But it disappears as soon as I release.
I must be doing something wrong, and I think it might relate to proper trackpad action.  Any advice much appreciated!

Best Answer


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    john_tippettjohn_tippett Member Posts: 2
    Thank You! Your answer really helped and got me on the road to productivity.  John
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    Fox66Fox66 Member Posts: 4
    Considering that at least one point is required to use the Hole "wizard", would it make sense to add the button to create a Hole feature while editing a sketch?

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    brian_bradybrian_brady Member, Developers Posts: 505 EDU
    I really like this idea. Another would be to have a sketch button in the hole tool panel. 
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    Henk_de_VlaamHenk_de_Vlaam Member, Developers Posts: 237 ✭✭✭
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    brian_bradybrian_brady Member, Developers Posts: 505 EDU
    I voted back in December. Still waiting
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