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FS generated sketch to be accessible in Asseblies

MakotoNinjaMakotoNinja Member Posts: 4 EDU
Aloha All,

I am trying to write a FS that generates a sketch that is accessible from within Assemblies. What I am seeing is that a feature is generated with the sketch I have devised but this "sketch" isn't available to insert into an Assembly. Is there a way to create a sketch in FS that shows up as an actual sketch instead of a feature?
The first feature in the following image shows the sketch as generated by FS and the second feature in the list is a vanilla sketch created with the sketch button. Only the latter is available to insert into an Assembly.

I am new to FS but not new at programming. My code is as follows:
FeatureScript 1993;
import(path : "onshape/std/common.fs", version : "1993.0");

const BOUNDS = {(unitless) : [10, 100, 1e5]} as IntegerBoundSpec;

annotation { "Feature Type Name" : "Axes" }
export const axes = defineFeature(function(context is Context, id is Id, definition is map)
    // Define the parameters of the feature type
        "Name" : "Sketch Plane",
        "Filter" : EntityType.FACE,
        "MaxNumberOfPicks" : 1
    definition.sketchPlane is Query;
        "Name" : "Diameter",
        "Description" : "Set the diameter of the circle"
    // isLength(definition.radius, LENGTH_BOUNDS);
    isInteger(definition.diameter, BOUNDS);
    var diameter = definition.diameter;
    var splane = definition.sketchPlane;
    // Define the function's action
    var sketch1 = newSketch(context, id + "sketch1", {
        "sketchPlane" : splane
    skCircle(sketch1, "circle1", {
        "center" : vector(0, 0) * millimeter,
        "radius" : (diameter / 2) * millimeter,
        "construction" : true
    skLineSegment(sketch1, "line1", {
        "start" : vector(-diameter / 2, 0) * millimeter,
        "end" : vector(diameter / 2, 0) * millimeter,
        "construction" : true
    skLineSegment(sketch1, "line2", {
        "start" : vector(0, diameter / 2) * millimeter,
        "end" : vector(0, -diameter / 2) * millimeter,
        "construction" : true

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