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Extruding projected shape on a face

tjanda_bundotjanda_bundo Member Posts: 4
I am struggling with this for a few days. My goal is to minimize fillament consumption while printing bowls. So I decided to add hex grid to all sides of the bowl.
The only function which provided easy, regular and reliable hexgrid for me is HexInfill. But HexInfill makes the hexgrid pattern only on the bottom of the bowl.
So I copied the bowl, moved and rotated the copy and projected the hex grid holes to the side of original bowl.
I wanted to extrude-remove the projected hexgrid on original bowl. But now I am unable to extrude the hex grid projected on the face on the side of the original bowl. I cannot click on the projected hexgrid.

Would someone help me out with the extrusion? Or is there easier way how to copy the holes from the bottom of the bowl to all other sides. Be aware, that sides of the bowl are not 90 degrees to the bottom, but holes have to be 90 degrees to the bottom.

Link: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/3b43cc29b9dec66975c5887a/w/c2fda59d265b6ddccf2b323a/e/6319ef7e76ec8f3617dc2137

Thank you!


  • tjanda_bundotjanda_bundo Member Posts: 4
    While reading my question I got an idea which actually works well - simply rotate the bowl and use the HexInfill + extrudeRemove again. And the same for the last axis. Result exactly what I expected and is not too much work.
    However - I am eager to know If you know easier way how to add hexgrid holes to sides of the bowl.
  • John_vd_WerffJohn_vd_Werff Member Posts: 58 PRO
    edited April 28
    Maybe you can use the texture FS to create the patterns. I did a quick experiment, but couldn't get the subtract to work. I used a transform and a boolean instead.
    But it does generate a pattern on a surface in a confined area.
    You might also look in to the draft function in the extrude feature, it makes modeling the bowl much easier.
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