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Frame Generator Alignment

Jessie_HulsizerJessie_Hulsizer Member Posts: 7
Hi, first time posting, so please be kind. Apologies if this is a repeat of an earlier topic, I couldn't find it.

 I use the Frame Generator for most of my daily part creation, mostly with rectangular/square tube. While I appreciate that OnShape is significantly better in normal use compared to our previous CAD system (Inventor), I've run into a problem when I draw sketches on non-perpendicular planes: If the line is parallel with a default plane (top, front, etc.), frame members are aligned to THAT plane, rather than the sketch plane. The only way I've been able to find to correct this is to manually enter a rotation angle. It would be great if there was simply an option in the dialog box to "align to sketch." I don't understand why this isn't the default, as it makes mitered corners almost impossible to achieve. 

Am I missing something, or is there something in the works?


  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 5,253
    Not sure I understand - can you share an example doc?
    Senior Director, Technical Services, EMEAI
  • Jessie_HulsizerJessie_Hulsizer Member Posts: 7
    NeilCooke said:
    Not sure I understand - can you share an example doc?
    I can't share a doc (proprietary info and all), but here's a screenshot. I want to be able to have the dark grey and orang members automatically be flush with the yellow parts, as they are all in the shame sketch on the same plane. As things are now, the surfaces are parallel to the top plane

  • Lucas_KuhnsLucas_Kuhns Member, csevp Posts: 88 PRO
    I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're doing but the Beams custom feature (which was the predecessor to the native Frames feature) will align the frame to whatever plane the sketch is on. I have conducted a simple test in this document to show this different behavior on Frames vs. Beams.

    Whether or not this was deliberate or an oversight, I have no clue. It would be nice to have an "align profile to geometry" feature though because I did revert to Beams one time for this very scenario. Neil if you're reading this, I like the way you did it better  :)

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