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Drawings and the journey of understanding what drive the inputs (a question)

Jose_MontalvoJose_Montalvo Member Posts: 11 EDU
edited May 26 in Community Support
The point of concern:
Sheet numbers
Sheet x of y.

So in my document, I have a multi-sheet drawings that are linked to the parent assembly. I also have individual drawings of individual parts scattered in folders, my attempt of organized chaos. I wanna know how I should go about making and exporting drawings of multiple parts but having the "sheet x of y" information already updated. I say export as opposed to print to get the higher resolution from JPEG to then get slapped onto other reports.

Why does export only work on the current sheet of a multi-sheet drawing? One thing that would fix my issue would be to be able to export multiple sheets from within the same drawing tab but I don't think I can do that. If I go the "export multiple drawings" route, I would need to have multiple drawings in different tabs but I don't know how to get the "sheet x of y" data to input itself and know that it is part of a larger "stack".

I really feel like I am not using drawings as well as I can be. I wanna know how to really leverage the small details that seem to take a lot of time when I don't think about them from the beginning of the document building. 

here is the doc link if you wanna see. 

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