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Help with frames

kevin_mason558kevin_mason558 Member Posts: 46 EDU
I have done the frames tutorial a while ago but still struggle with frame groups for frame trimming.

this project I have struggled -
I wanted to add a box section frame to an angled face 
but the frame feature kept adding the box sections vertically. I then transformed them to move the position to suit 
I then couldn't mitre the verticals to the horizontals.
got around this visually by sketching the corner and extrude-removing from each part. 
My cut list has failed to add parts because it cannot find the start/stop of the parts. I had attempted to add them using the override on cut list but was a long way around. 

This project has started to fry my head a bit so I'm asking for some guidance please! 

Can someone help as to how I can join two frame seperate "frames" with mitres, setting the frame on an angle. And also creating a cut list with the frame parts. 


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    eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,607 PRO
    I think if you used a "move face" to rotate the end 45deg instead of a cut, it should "preserve" the end face.

    But a better option is to do a bit more planning before creating the frames so that you don't have to do so much transforming and trimming after the fact.

    You can just add the bottom section to frame 8 (instead of using the edge of "part 4") to get the mitre. For the top one I would create a layout sketch to get it in the right spot. Here is a discussion of a workaround on using a "dummy part" to set the orientation (while we wait for "align" option to be added...) https://forum.onshape.com/discussion/comment/91865/#Comment_91865

    Something like this should get you on the right track:


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    eric_pestyeric_pesty Member Posts: 1,607 PRO
    edited August 2023
    A couple more tips: 
    - You are creating "frame 11" as a new one, I would just mirror the segment of frame 8 instead.
    - Also for frame 13, instead of selecting colinear segments and "merging tangent", you can select points directly (or really I would just create a layout sketch referencing your "shape" on the end face and include in "frame 8" as well... 

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    kevin_mason558kevin_mason558 Member Posts: 46 EDU
    @eric_pesty thanks - regarding the planning, I had originally drawn the frame as I would make it with two end panels joined by the ladder section. The manager wanted the side panels made first which changed the way I would then fabricate the framework. And had to redraw everything in a bit of a rush because I need to get back onto the shop floor. 

    I think the frames starting "vertical" then threw me off as I couldn't add the 3 box sections (two side legs and the horizontal box section) as one frame which mitered itself. and my head went a bit from there onwards with getting confused as to which way to go . As well be as being given changes to the design  mid modelling. 

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