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Design Feedback for Frames

sean_trainor1988sean_trainor1988 Member Posts: 12
Hey. I've started exploring the frame function by creating a basic base frame for a modular unit and adding removable legs with base plates.

My current design is https://cad.onshape.com/documents/d430d5fab57efbad65020838/w/7f237eecd1c16f5dbda0e7ce/e/f53326204f4593b3c6f05cf2?renderMode=0&uiState=654baba2325446602e726de5 

I've done the "Frames Fundamentals" course and watched a few YouTube tutorials but I'm still unclear on the best approach to creating this basic structure. I'd like any feedback on my approach so far.

Should I have patterned the 150x100mm floor beams instead of using a sketch path? Or should I create only one beam at the part level and add the rest at the assembly level so they are read as a single part?

Should all legs be created at the part level or only one leg and pattern the rest in an assembly?

I'd appreciate any advice it links to tutorials explaining best practices.
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