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Drawing error in brovser

ladislav_schejballadislav_schejbal Member Posts: 9
The browser stopped displaying the quoted text and the arrows of the quotes. In export to pdf and dfx it is fine. The error has been there for several days.


  • NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 5,253
    Report a bug from the ? menu - likely a browser update required or graphics driver.
    Senior Director, Technical Services, EMEAI
  • ladislav_schejballadislav_schejbal Member Posts: 9
    The problem will be elsewhere. Firefox does it too.
    The layer exported to dfx under the name Annotation_Text is not displayed. Numbers and arrows are displayed normally until right-clicked. Then it disappears with the end arrows.
    It doesn't work even in old projects where it used to be fine. Windows paths are inscrutable.
    Wait for the others, I can live with it for now (hi), I'll fix it in Librercad. I'll try to contact someone else in the Czech Republic.
  • ludmil_mikecukludmil_mikecuk Member Posts: 2
    Dobrý den,
    přišel jste na něco? 
    Doma mi to normálně funguje, vidím kóty hned. Ale na druhém počítači nic. Ale když to otevřu na druhém, vidím je. 
  • ladislav_schejballadislav_schejbal Member Posts: 9
    This was probably due to the small RAM size of the graphics card. With the new ASUS Geforce 730 everything is already okay.
    Now the program works 100%. 

    Pravděpodobně to bylo zapříčiněno malou velikostí RAM grafické karty. Došlo nejspíš k přetečení a ztráte dat. s novou ASUS Geforce 730 je všechno již v pořádku.

    for ludvik_miketuk
    Pravdepodobne je program vylepsovan a vznikaji dalsi naroky na pamet. mel jsem jen 512 ramky. nova karta ma 2G. funguje to opet na 100%. zajimavy je prilozeny obr. vlevo v nahledu koty jsou a vpravo uz ne.

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