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Gear Designer

brett_suttonbrett_sutton Member Posts: 30 ✭✭
edited December 2015 in General
I've created a simple gear designer using onshape variables.

To generate a gear copy the gear parts studio into your own document using the onshape 'Paste Tab' feature.

Change the few variables and you will have a gear to your requirements.

Note: the model is defined in ISO millimeters.

The following variables can be modified:
Teeth - the number of teeth on the gear
OD - The outside diameter of the gear including the teeth
SD - The diameter of the whole for the shaft
GearDepth - Controls how thick the body of the gear will be. Default is 1mm

The gear is also filleted but I regard the filleting as experimental. Currently the fillet is set to 0.25 of the Gear Depth. Let me know how that works for you.
To change the fillet modify the variable TeethFillet

You may also want to play with the Pressure Angle (PA) (advanced use only)
Read this wikipedia article before you make any changes to the PA.


You can find the gear designer here:


I'm looking for collaborators to create a series of parts studios for different gear types.

The idea is that a user can simply copy the required part studio into your own document tweak a few variables and generate a gear of the required type.

I've have no experience in generating gears but if others can contribute I'm happy to manage the document.



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