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Same Variable Name!

BahramiBahrami Member Posts: 1 EDU
I just start learning Onshape from learning center and special thanks to this amazing team.
I have a question about variables.
In the last exercise we should put the same name for variables, Can someone explain me that reason?


  • romeograhamromeograham Member, csevp Posts: 657 PRO
    edited January 15
    Pay special attention to the Pattern - where "Features" are patterned (or maybe that exercise uses a Sketch Pattern). You'll see how the variable #Slots is used in the pattern.
    Variables are solved in the Feature List in the order they appear - so #Slots can have different values depending on where it appears in the list.  I've mostly seen this used in Patterns.
    However, you can also use it to Override a variable that may have been imported / derived into your Part Studio - you can use the same name but a different value for that variable, and Onshape will use the last value assigned.

    Good luck, and Welcome to Onshape!
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