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Flatten Boat Hull

I'm new to onshape and need help. If I have a boat hull, what tools do I use to flatten it so I can lasercut it? (Make a hollow 3D shape into a flat, printable, 2D shape)


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    joseph_higgins948joseph_higgins948 Member Posts: 4
    I am assuming you want a series of 2D forms that describe the cross section at a variety of points? Or do you want to flatten out the skin of the hull so you can then bend it to fit the original shape? Or something else I am not understanding.

    If the first, you could do it in a variety of ways, but a series of parallel planes intersecting the shape and then either a sketch on each plane that pull the shape into with the use command or, even easier, a plane, a linear feature array of those planes, and the intersection curve feature.

    If you want the second, it will depend on the shape of the hull. If it has no complex curves, you can just separate each flat panel or panel with a simple curve and make a flat pattern of it. I would use the sheet metal modeling technique for this, but there are probably other ways.

    If it has complex curves, and you want to figure out the best fit shapes to bend/join into those curves, this is a lot harder via every method I can think of. Essentially, you would make a series of smaller panels that are all either flat or only composed of simple curves. These panels, in aggregate will need to closely approximate the shape desired. Same deal, flat pattern of all of them. I haven't specifically done this in Onshape, but I have done it in other software, and onshape has all the tools you would need. I have used this to make custom fender like curves in sheet metal before.

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    Naomi_ENaomi_E Member, Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 10 PRO
    Hi @Lauren_Ambrose

    Try checking out this blog about building a Benchy with custom features. https://www.onshape.com/en/blog/perfect-3d-benchy-custom-features

    Best of luck!
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