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Improvements to Onshape - March 15th, 2024

Roy_MutalikRoy_Mutalik Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 34
edited March 16 in New in Onshape
Welcome to the 4th Onshape release of the year! Let's take a look at some new features.



You can now apply custom colors to sketches. These sketch colors can be shown in Drawings as well, by enabling the option to "Show sketch appearances" for a specific view. 



A displayed measurement now persists and updates dynamically upon movement of a component. This is true for movements due to on-screen drag, and changing between Named positions.



Mate connectors can be patterned in the Part studio, and correctly show in the Assembly instance list. 



The Hole feature dialog has been reworked. While not only providing a cleaner interface, it has been expanded to include an additional 650 Inch thread options, and an additional 115 Metric thread options . You will also find a Fastener fit option in clearance and tapped holes.



Sketch dimensions that are driven by a variable, expression or equation now display this more clearly at a glance.


You may now set your default display type at an account level from the View cube.



General tasks can now be assigned to users that you work with, even if they are not a part of your company.



A Detail view can now be defined from a parent view which has been cropped.



Datum targets can now be defined using angular dimensions, rather than just length dimensions.



The hatch density of a Datum target can now be adjusted from Styles panel. 


You can now create a centerline by selecting just one conical edge.

If you wish to override this behavior and select two lines to locate a centerline, simply hold the shift key.



Density information can now be imported into Onshape from the following file formats:
- Solidworks
- Solid Edge
- Catia V5



The Simultaneous Sheet Metal course now includes a new video for the Bend feature.
A new video has been added to the Learning Center for the Body Draft feature. 

Please take a moment to try out these new features and improvements and leave your comments below. For a detailed list of all the changes in this update, please see the changelog.

Remember: The updates listed here are now live for all users when creating new Documents. Over the next few days, these features will also be available in Documents created before this update.


  • rafael_telgmannrafael_telgmann Member Posts: 17 ✭✭
    Great Update! Thx Onshape-Team!
  • BrettKuenkelBrettKuenkel Member Posts: 5 PRO
    edited March 15
    Dynamic measuring is an awesome improvement. I am excited to use it. 
    Sketch dimensions with expressions is a big one for me! 
    10/10 Update!!!
    Design Engineer - NXTUL
    Innovative Woodworking Tools - www.nxtul.com

  • rick_randallrick_randall Member Posts: 92 ✭✭
    Sketch dimension expressions, and also additions to hole feature. Very nice, I'll use these often.
  • wayne_sauderwayne_sauder Member, csevp Posts: 477 PRO
     Is there an explanation for this? 
    1. Support editing of parametric Part Studios in Assemblies
  • wayne_sauderwayne_sauder Member, csevp Posts: 477 PRO
     Thanks, I'll have to check it out. 
    Great update. 
  • nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member, csevp Posts: 663 PRO
    The UX improvement of the view display is much appreciated. Thank you.
  • robert_scott_jr_robert_scott_jr_ Member Posts: 317 ✭✭✭
    All very nice St. Patty's Day gifts. Thanks! - Scotty
  • Chris_D_Mentes_001Chris_D_Mentes_001 Member, csevp Posts: 55 PRO
    I will be using almost every single feature here!!
  • john_mcclaryjohn_mcclary Member, Developers Posts: 3,894 PRO
    Wow everything here is awesome! 

    Happy St. Patrick's day! 

  • kenn_sebesta167kenn_sebesta167 Member Posts: 53 ✭✭
    edited March 17
    Taking what @STEG says, it is nice to have all the possible threads present, but, well, is it, though? 99.9% of threads will be the most common (metric/SAE coarse), and the rest are outliers. Without strong UI guidance, it becomes much harder than it needs to be to use the hole tool intelligently if you are not intimately familiar with the, pardon the pun, fine details.

    Don't overestimate the propensity of new engineers to do something we think is silly, like design around #5 screws (find that in McMaster!), but arise simply because they've made an "optimal" design and simply haven't got hands-on experience yet. While I don't think OnShape should spend too much time worrying about that edge case, it should definitely consider the standard case of people knowing they want an M6, but not having memorized that a "standard" M6 is a 1mm pitch.

    Personally, from this perspective I will find this current version of the hole tool menu harder to use, and harder to teach. I think with @STEG's suggestion that might fix the problem. (For me at least, since I've got enough experience to know what UNC and UNF are, and generally when to use them. A lot of people won't, though...)

    What do OnShape devs think about doing tech-previews of this kind of UI rework, before committing it? I think it would help work out a lot of kinks for things which have a strong, but narrow, need. It certainly makes sense that OnShape needs to add features required to land big paying clients, but I've noticed certain new features come at the cost of general usability. A couple tweaks to those features and it might be a "have your cake and eat it, too" situation.
  • gary_may953gary_may953 Member Posts: 1 EDU
    Changing the appearances of sketches? Fantastic, will make surfacing, projected curves and so many other activities much easier.
  • kenn_sebesta167kenn_sebesta167 Member Posts: 53 ✭✭
    edited March 17
    > Adding thread pitch designations in line is a good idea and we will add it. 

    Thanks for the rapid feedback. One thing I so sincerely love about OnShape is that you guys are monitoring the forums for quick fixes and adjustments.

    Fwiw we've received an equal number of tickets of course vs fine on what is “standard” pitch for threads. 

    That's a neat data point! I use both coarse and fine, one for stuff made from the hardware store, and the other from the aerospace industry. If I had to choose what the world in general uses, I'd go with the "hardware store standard". But I don't have to make these hard UI choices. :)
  • Henry_BurrisHenry_Burris Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for another great update. We love you onshape team ❤️! Now dark mode?
  • nahl_farhannahl_farhan Member Posts: 2
    As a beginner OnShape user, very cool features (especially the sketch and drawing updates)
  • Ketil_Volland_WorkKetil_Volland_Work Member Posts: 38 PRO
    Excellent set of updates. 

    The hole feature is becoming better and better. I am coming from a metric world and with the new way of adding thread data, (size and pitch) that world has just become a much more dangerous place to be. With the previous solution we spendt thousand of dollars on rework due to the set-up, on how it handles thread pitch, our own fault for not paying attentions, but then again. The new one is not any better.  Don't anticipate the pitch, of if  you do, alway set it to course, I am not talking on behalf of all the engineers out there, but shure that most will nod their head in agreement. When changing thread dimension it also brings along the "previous" thread pitch (if it is in the drop down), spooky as well. The next changelog should state that this has been modified/changed (hopefully before).

    I love the improvement on drawing (detail of cropped views), now please add detail views on break view as well.

    But, with that said: Excellent work.
  • marcuswolfmarcuswolf Member Posts: 2 PRO
    Excellent changes! Especially excited to see sketch colours and visible equations on sketch dimensions. These will be really helpful for top-down modelling.
  • devin_johnson79devin_johnson79 Member Posts: 12 PRO
    Love these updates - definitely good "quality of life" type stuff which will be useful. Seeing sketch dimensions as expressions will be game changing as I tend to use loads of expressions. 
  • emagdalenaC2iemagdalenaC2i Member, Developers, Channel partner Posts: 859 ✭✭✭✭✭
    En este enlace podéis ver las Novedades de Onshape en español:
    Un saludo,

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  • Conant_CustomConant_Custom Member Posts: 7 PRO
    eric_pesty said:
    ..... showing expressions in dimensions!
    One request: can we set a "default" for that behavior (or a "remember last setting")? I think I would want it on pretty much all the the time with the option to turn it off when things get too cluttered...
    Alternatively, why not have it show up when mousing over a dimension (i.e. behave exactly like the "Constraints" display), .....

    I second the request to default to "show expressions ON" !!
  • MichaelPascoeMichaelPascoe Member Posts: 1,713 PRO

    Impressive update team!! It is no surprise because, impressive, IS Onshape's standard :wink:


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  • BOA_TechnologyBOA_Technology Member, csevp Posts: 2 PRO
    Show expressions and sketch appearances... both highly anticipated and game changing for us!

    Default to show expressions would be nice, or at least memory for last set setting (similar to the 'disable imprinting' functionality). Regardless, we are stoked for this update over here. Thanks to all involved!
  • Antoine_BoucherAntoine_Boucher Member Posts: 6 PRO
    Excellent QOL update! With all of those added hole sizes and types, can we expect a matching standard content update in the near future? 
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