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how to delete a dimension

IMKIMK Member Posts: 13
Sorry if this post is in twice but lost the 1st one.
So how do i how to delete a dimension on a part sketch size or distance please?
I can add them, change them and redefine the type but there does not seem to be anyway to simply remove/delete them, or have i mist something.
Many thanks imk


  • Mitch_PricerMitch_Pricer OS Professional, Developers Posts: 27 PRO
    Simply left click on the dimension(s) you wish to delete, and then press the "delete" key on your keyboard. :smile: 
    Hope that Helps!
  • Jeremy_21Jeremy_21 Member Posts: 7
    If you are trying to delete from a mobile App (on android or iOS) you could view the constraints, find the dimension in the list and delete from there.  From iOS, select the dimension(s), use 2 finger tap, and find "Delete dimension" at the bottom of the menu.  Hope this helps.
  • IMKIMK Member Posts: 13
    Now i tried that and it didn't work, hence my post.
    So just tried it again and clicked (selected) on the dim and it went a darker shade of yellow/orange and the delete key worked.
    Many thanks, it's these subtleties that catch you out at times. 
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