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Major system hitch when running Onshape (when in 3D)

john_carver855john_carver855 Member Posts: 4
I am running into a pretty major issues on my systems (have had this happen on more than one but not all....unfortunately in my main work system it is happening), when running a model/editing in 3D in Onshape, when i start to edit, it hangs, but in a very weird way:

  1. 3D movement/rotation works
  2. I can still see everything
  3. All things on my system kind of work but hang...I cannot click on anything, commands in Onshape do not work, i cannot click on anything and have it work (my mouse still moves), even outside of the browser, things behave the same way
This state lasts for 10+ seconds but less than a minute, but reallllllly breaks my workflow.  It doesnt reappear as long as i stay in said tab, but if i move to another tab or focus to another program/window the issues happens again.  We are evaluating this for potential professional use, but i cannot in good conscience recommend with such a flow breaking bug.  I do love the system as a whole and have been using it since beta without this issue....but it has reared it head and im not sure how to fix this...

if there are any suggestions/fixes i would love to hear them.



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    NeilCookeNeilCooke Moderator, Onshape Employees Posts: 5,370
    Hi John, when you say "All things on my system kind of work but hang.." and "focus to another program/window the issues happens again" do you mean your whole computer hangs or just Onshape? If it's everything then that sounds suspect. Since you have been using Onshape since beta (March 2015) then you know that generally Onshape doesn't do this sort of thing, so please open a support ticket and we can investigate.
    Senior Director, Technical Services, EMEAI
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