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hiding mate connectors "more than 1 level down"

stvnvl_8501stvnvl_8501 Member Posts: 121 PRO
I'm guessing I'm missing a view setting here, but I have quite complex assemblies, which mainly use explicitly defined mate connectors to connect the parts. 
In order to keep things tidy I would like to view only view mate connectors that are relevant or are being used in that specific assembly level. Now I'm only able to view all or no mate connectors. 
Is there a way to control this? I think mate connectors are a superior way of constraining assemblies but it gets cluttered, real fast... Tried using display states and only showing the mate connectors i'll need in higher level assemblies and hiding all the others, but that doesnt seem to work + is a tedious task.

also: an assembly may have a usefull mate connector that is between 2 parts (or at imaginary crosslines) rather than on actual part geometry how does that work. this could help with configurations and swapping out parts. anyway...  
made an example: 
mate connectors | top+crossbeam+feet (onshape.com)
would really help me out if someone knew a workaround or best practise in keeping this orderly when working/ assembling with mate connectors. 


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    Tony_C_Tony_C_ Member Posts: 273 PRO

    Right-click on the assembly in the tree and hit show mates.

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    stvnvl_8501stvnvl_8501 Member Posts: 121 PRO
    edited May 2
    Hi @Tony_C_
    Not quite what I'm looking for. Is there a similar mode for mate Connectors (the UCS-like features that uniquely define the mates)
    essentially If only 2 mate connectors in an entire (sub)assembly are relevant for it's parent assemblies, I would like to hide all the others. 
    eg by defining a display state or something similar 
    so wherever this subassebly is used 

    I would like to see only these 2 mate connectors: 

    is there a way to do so? 
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    nick_papageorge073nick_papageorge073 Member, csevp Posts: 742 PRO
    What I often do is keep all the MC's hidden, and pick only the two relevant ones from the tree.
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    stvnvl_8501stvnvl_8501 Member Posts: 121 PRO
    What I often do is keep all the MC's hidden, and pick only the two relevant ones from the tree.
    Hi Nick! Thanks for the answer.

    but this is done manually, right? or can you "save" this somehow at the subassembly level? so whenever you insert the subassembly in a parent assembly only the 2 "relevant" ones are shown. That would be the idea here. 
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