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Shed assembly with configurable walls (frames) - how to create a BOM with lengths

GerardGerard Member Posts: 3 PRO
edited May 13 in Community Support
Imagine: A shed has four walls with timber frames. We need to create a BOM with all timber (90x45mm section) x length(!)
The obvious design is creating the walls using centre lines and creating frames in a Part Studio.
(Yes, we also created models based on mating individual parts of timber, but this is a huge amount of work and mating and configurations, we have many shed models to produce) Frames seem the way to go.

Front wall: The timber frame allows for two roller door widths placed L, R or centre (6 configurations)

Back, left and right walls: Timber frame allows for any combination of doors, windows or none in all different locations, say 25 configurations for each wall, defined by a letter A-Z.
So the Shed assembly of four walls has 6 x 25 x 25 x 25 different timber configurations, which need to be reflected in a BOM, showing all unique lengths of timber.


Sadly, this does not work in Onshape and a BOM cannot be created with unique parts and lengths:

Cut-lists only will work on separate wall drawings showing length.
Assemblies with inserted composites (frames) and using Stock Size FS to get lengths of parts in the BOM only shows overall size of composites.
Assemblies with inserted composites + parts shows all parts + lengths, but does not 'tally up' all identical parts. All quantities show '1' of each, despite having the same lengths. 

Anybody who has any suggestions to make this work, without having to make manual tables of combined cut-lists. All we need is a BOM of each configuration. Creating individual drawings with hand edited BOM or Cut lists is unworkable as we have over 90,000 configurations.
Thanks, Gerard
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