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Need help patterning a hexagonal prism around a sphere

matthew_goehringmatthew_goehring Member Posts: 4
It's hard to put down the shovel, but here I am... deep inside a hole of my own creation. I am mostly a self taught Onshape user, and have little functional knowledge of geometry to understand why what I'm doing isn't working. I'm attempting to use a set of sketches and the circular pattern tool to arrange what's basically a hexagonal prism around the outside of a sphere. I'm also using a series of sketches on planes to connect points across the outside profile of the sphere. These planes contain the entities I'm patterning the prism with. The main problem I'm facing is that when I arrange the prisms along these guide sketches, the pattern gradually loses alignment and the hexagons overlap in a non-uniform fashion. I feel like this problem must have an easier solution than the insanity I've been working with in my document here: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/39155957293aac7c62b9dd4f/w/8ba88bb64ec93e8bff535215/e/79fec97a399560f93274c74e?renderMode=0&uiState=6667c2a29459c7761a44df48

Please tell me in excruciating detail all of the ridiculous things I'm doing improperly, I need to hear it so I can get better.


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