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Allowing "delete" in "view only mode" when over the 100mb free limit

juan_avilesjuan_aviles Member Posts: 78 ✭✭
I recently went over my 100MB limit...103 to be exact.  This has caused my documents to be "view only".  I have three large documents with only a few models in each that I really need.  Is there a way to delete some of the non-essential models from each to lower my file size, or would this do nothing to help?   I would assume that removing models from a document would reduce file size, but I'm not positive if this is how OnShape works. Is clearing history the only way?  

I understand the documents being "view only", but I don't see how delete would violate anything in the free plan.  Yes, I can export the model, delete the document and then import to a new clean document, but I'd lose the history of that particular part, correct?  I can't copy and paste to reduce history, so is there another way?   


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    øyvind_kaurstadøyvind_kaurstad Member Posts: 234 ✭✭✭
    Make the model temporarily public, then copy it (and make the copy public) to clear the history. Then delete the original, and make the copy private again.

    I think Onshape could do better, but currently this is your only option.
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    juan_avilesjuan_aviles Member Posts: 78 ✭✭
    øyvind_kaurstad  Thanks for the answer.  I didn't know you could make a public document private again. 

    I'll be glad when some more management tools become available, to make this kind of thing easier.

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