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Make new part based on assembly?

simon_dsimon_d Member Posts: 6
I'd really appreciate some advice from more experienced users as to the best approach to this:
I'm creating separate truss parts in parts studio and then assembling them but I need to create a new part to join the truss sections together based on the assembly. Would it be better to actually build the whole model in a parts studio or is there a way of exporting the parts that I need to make a new joining piece to link between to a new parts studio retaining the same distance between them?

Best Answer


  • colemancoleman OS Professional Posts: 244 ✭✭✭
    @simon_d - are all of the truss pieces going to be connected or will there be gaps (of other components not in your model) that will connect the truss in the real world?

    Are there standard corner joints like 90 degrees, 45 degrees etc?
  • shanshanshanshan Member Posts: 147 ✭✭✭
    simon_d, if you want to insert some parts which are in another part studio to your work part studio, you can use "derived" to do it , it will retain same relative location among them,then you can create other new parts !
    see the marked icon on the attached picture,it is "dirived"

    11.PNG 28.5K
  • simon_dsimon_d Member Posts: 6
    @shanshan thanks for bringing my attention to the derived feature, that's really useful but doesn't solve my current problem. I've put my parts together in an assembly and I need to create a new part to bridge the gap but unfortunately the derived feature doesn't appear to allow me to insert an assembly into a parts studio which is ideally what I need to do.

    @coleman all the truss pieces are going to be connected in my model, at this point I suspect that they will all use standard joints.

    Thanks for your input any further suggestions would be really appreciated.  

  • peter_hallpeter_hall Member Posts: 196 ✭✭✭
    @simon_d looking at yout photo all the truss parts appear to be identical, so you created one in parts studio then inserted ?(10+)times into the assembly.
    I would go back to your parts studio and create two parts together. (you may be able to mirror or derive distance required to save you work time). Then create your adjoining piece in the parts studio. You can insert pieces seperately into the assy area so no need to start again from scratch.
  • simon_dsimon_d Member Posts: 6
    @peter_hall thanks for your reply. Yes I've created the individual truss elements in parts studios and then as I assemble them in different configurations I need to create new parts based on the assembly to make new connections. For instance in the attached photo I need to make a new 'T' joint to attach the vertical truss to the horizontal. 

    I'm not clear on how to recreate the distance between these parts that I have arranged in an assembly in a parts studio so that I can create a new part to fit?

    Many thanks

  • simon_dsimon_d Member Posts: 6
    @viru thank you that is exactly what I needed.
  • derek_wardderek_ward Member Posts: 63 EDU
    There should be an option to convert an assembly to a flattened parts studio without having to export and then import. 
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