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Cinematic features, tracked dimentions, Google doc export

Hello Users and team,
I would like to propose an impovement request for cinematic analysis of assemblies.
We're developping offroad Ebikes. We need to track parameters to tweak the suspension behavior, to do so, we have to measure the relative movement of components on the full travel. 

Right now I have to manually record positions over the range of motion each time I want to review a new design, wich is pretty horrible way of working.

What would work for me :

-Record/set control dimentions, same style as part studio level variables, but driven by assemby position.
-Have those variables exported to google sheets and updated as the model updates or with a update command same as BOM

What I would also need :

A way of showing sketches on the assemby level, that would allow virtual pivot point visualisation.

I'm sure those requests would also be interesting to other users!

Can someone from the team mak this post as an improvement request?

Best regards, Adam


  • adam_mercieradam_mercier Posts: 32 PRO
    Hi, I am still looking for a good way to export automated motion curves, I tested some linked apps but OS seems to lack the basic functions needed to export the data.
    I would need to have assembly level variables and named/saved dimensions do get some interesting output. Is this planned?
  • adam_mercieradam_mercier Posts: 32 PRO
    IS there a solution in the works to get assembly level variables? I can not find a good solution to export movement data of a mechanism.
  • malay_kumarmalay_kumar Posts: 58
    How are you making mechanism go through the range of motion? Are you using animate mate feature or just manually dragging?

    If you select a mate it shows the DOF value which is basically the relative position of two involved mate connector. That is the closest thing we have currently. Will exporting those during animation work for you? When we will have assembly level variable it will probably be tried to existing mate (feature) parameters.
    Some partner products may also work for doing advanced motion analysis. 
  • konstantin_shiriazdanovkonstantin_shiriazdanov Posts: 160 ✭✭✭
    traking motion sometimes is rather useful functionality, if OS add some kind of "sensor" for assembly and allow traking several sensors while animating some constraint, and then somehow export data it would be handy
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