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How to select a specific point in a sketch

neobobkrauseneobobkrause Member Posts: 105 EDU
I commonly need to select an endpoint of an entity that is coincident with some other point. For example, when constraining the endpoints of a spline to be level. But mousing over and clicking on a point that's coincident with another point doesn't seem to allow me a means to select a specific point.

If such a mechanism doesn't yet exist, might I suggest that the context menu for an entity be augmented to include an item like "Select entity points." This operation would add the entity's endpoints to the selection. This operation would also add the center point of an arc or circle. Only endpoints of the clicked on segment of a multi-segment entity like a line or spline would be selected by this operation.

- Bob


  • neobobkrauseneobobkrause Member Posts: 105 EDU
    Okay, so I've discovered the "Select Other..." operation in the context window. This works for my purposes.

    But being the person who never misses an opportunity to point out how user productivity can be improved...

    A much more efficient means for users to select the endpoint of an entity would be for the user to mouse over the entity that they're interested in selecting the endpoint of. As a user traces the path of the entity, moving the mouse ever closer to the endpoint, when the mouse finally reaches the point where it's over the endpoint -- then the point that's highlighted for selection should be the endpoint of the shape that was highlighted. Simple. Efficient. Intuitive.

    - Bob
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