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Using an image as part of an assembly?

daniel_garcia_gonzalezdaniel_garcia_gonzalez Member Posts: 1
edited June 2016 in Community Support

As part of an assembly I am preparing, I'd like to add a picture so it complements the assembly (a frame with a person, for example). Can this be done somehow?

Note: I do not want to use the picture as a template for a draft because the image is somewhat elaborated and is just to give perspective on how my assembly would look like if built and holdind such picture.


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    ethanethan Member, Onshape Employees Posts: 24
    If I'm understanding you correctly this sounds like something you would do using a rendering software, I recommend trying a rendering software from one of our partners from the app store. They all have a free trial or offering.

    Here is a link 
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    jim_thomsonjim_thomson OS Professional Posts: 1
    edited January 2017
    I would like to do this also... it is available in other 3D cad packages already. E.G. SolidEdge allows you to place the image on a particular surface of a part. The only way I can make this work for now, is to make sketch with the image and keep it visible in the Part Studio. Not ideal and does not transfer to the assembly.
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    3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,470 PRO
    Decals would be nice feature in part studio and assembly, it is not convenient to render half finished product just to get image in..
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