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Importing surface files

bruce_williamsbruce_williams Member, Developers Posts: 842 PRO
Bit different to your blinker but I recently did a little project for a guy who wanted to strap stuff onto a cow, I got a cow model off the web (that wasn't as easy to get in Onshape as it should have been) and in then thought I'd hit a brick wall on the freeform straps with no 3d sketcher but I managed to use the 3d spline to pick points and get roughly what I wanted and quickly.  Not a replacement for a 3d sketcher but certainly good work around for some things. I just thought I'd share. 
I copied this out of the Product Feedback 'NON-PRISMATIC STUFF topic.  Thanks for posting Mr Bartlett!  Very encouraging to see success with file import AND non planer features.

I would like to hear the process for bringing a multi-surface body into Onshape.  For parts that do not knit on import, I found the only thing is fix in Solidworks and then transfer to OS with Parasolid.  

Hopefully @brucebartlett or you others will share tips & tricks....
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