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Assembly view - center of object is offset when a extruded text is included

ivan_centesivan_centes Member Posts: 4
edited January 2017 in Community Support

I'm new with Onshape and recently I've run into a weird problem.

When in assembly mode, I want to create a mate (in my case a Slider) so that the center points of my 2 objects are linked. When the object has no extruded text on it, the center point is right where it should be. But when I add the extruded text, the center point is moved the opposite way where the text is. See the screenshot, where text is in the lower/right part and center point is offset to the top/left side:


The size of the offset is linked the the extruded text also. When the text is close to the objects center, the center point is close too. The farther from the center the text is, the bigger the offset.

I prepared a test onshape document: http://bit.ly/onshape-center-offset

Am I missing something? Or is this a bug in Onshape?

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    ivan_centesivan_centes Member Posts: 4
    Hi Neil, thanks for the explanation and the tip. It works perfect now.
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