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More than one selection window?

Tony_C_Tony_C_ Member Posts: 272 PRO
edited May 2017 in Community Support
Is there a way to bring back the selection window after selecting a group of parts?

Say I've got 2 groups of parts not close to each other and I want to suppress them. 

Currently I have to select one group, suppress, then select the other group and suppress them. 

Is there a way to make my selection window pop back up and not go into drag mode once the window is used? 

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    Tony_C_Tony_C_ Member Posts: 272 PRO
    Looks like it works fine in part studio, but your right, In an assembly you only get one chance to window select :(

    My Test: https://youtu.be/K8NU7Kqiilg

    That's it.

    Would be nice to have a key command to reactivate the selection window. 
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