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Cloud based 3D printing Workflow

christopher_quijanochristopher_quijano OS Professional Posts: 50 PRO
edited May 2017 in Community Support
Hello everyone,

I am looking at purchasing a 3D printer and I am wondering if some of the experts can help me out in my unique situation.

Probably 90% of the work I do I am able to perform it on a Chromebook so I rarely pull my windows machine out anymore. I am trying to find a workflow I can use without having to use a PC. Most 3D printers I am looking at come with and SD card reader and they say they accept an STL or g-code format. I have not seen any documentation of videos on directly printing an STL file on a 3D printer. If anyone has done this I would like to hear your experience. Most examples I have seen are printing g-code directly from the SD card. Most workflows I have seen start with an STL file, then on a PC or Mac they run a slicing program which outputs to a g-code file and then this is transferred to the printer via the SD card.

Getting the stl file from Onshape has worked great for me and I have not had any problems with these files. However, it seems like I need a web based solution that can read in the STL file and export a g-code file. Does anyone know if there is a way of doing this?

I saw in the App Store an app called Slicer that seems to make the slices but it only outputs to png files so I have know idea what that is used for.

Thanks for your help!

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