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Cannot make Pierce constraint work on Onshape mobile

SledDriverSledDriver Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭
I'm well versed in the operation of Onshape desktop, but I'm now trying to learn Onshape mobile on an iPhone.

As a tutorial I'm trying to build the classic threaded nut. But I've come across a problem trying to make pierce work in this example. It works fine first time on the desktop version, but on the mobile version, however carefully I pick the required points, the pirece fails and Onshape just moans with a red message at the top of the screen saying something in the sketch has to be selected.

I don't see what I'm missing here. I have the sketch open and I select the Pierce constraint icon, then I select one corner of the triangle and the end of the helix, but it does not work, even after many attempts.


Is something wrong with the mobile implementation, or am I doing something wrong?



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    jon_sorrellsjon_sorrells Onshape Employees Posts: 51
    Mobile doesn't yet support selecting the constraint type before the entities.
    If you select the corner of the triangle and the end of the helix, and then select the pierce constraint, it should work.
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    SledDriverSledDriver Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭
    Aha! Now I didn't know that. Perfect, thanks.

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