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Newbie: Tutorial / Reference Request


Im actually a software design student, but the CAD student we had for our project bailed on us. So i'm needing to take up his part of the job, and this software actually looks pretty cool, But i'm a little lost on where to find references.

What I'm trying to do is make either a 2d or 3d floor plan of our school campus, and import it into a HTML5 Canvas, so we can have an interactive directory for mapping students to their classrooms. 

My Main Questions / Request are:

1. Are there any good tutorial videos, you'd recommend for a newbie to use to try and make a 3d floor plan. (Doesn't need to be a fully built building, an over head display of the floor play would work nice. I just want the 3d aspect to make it so it can be interacted with and spun around etc)

2. Is it possible for in Cad to have the X, and Y coordinates already mapped out when designing a floor plan? (This would save a lot of time for the inputs of X,Y values into Canvas)

3. What are the best sites for grabbing pre-made objects to utilize? (if thats possible)

Thank you.


  • 3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,466 PRO
    I'm just in the middle of layout plan of my premises.. so in my experience:
    1. Look overall marketing videos at onshape.com to understand the system with sketch+extrude combo. Look at help videos concerning those two.
    2. If you set the corner of your floor plan to origin, you can see the coordinates (right-bottom corner) with clicking a point in model. See image below.
    3. There is a lot of public documents and also tutorials & samples, if you have loads of time - just crawl around and you will learn a lot.
    Floor plan could be the most simple 3D object (sketch can be complex though) so just give it a try. If you bump into a problem, share the model with me or make it public and ask for help here in the forum (include link to your public document = copy/paste address line when you have document open).

    Coordinates for selected point are shown in the bottom-right corner.

  • 3dcad3dcad Member, OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 2,466 PRO
    edited May 2015
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