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Multiple parts from the same sketch in part studio

fitz_terrafitz_terra Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
Hi all,

I have a sketch of the face for an aluminium profile which I now want to extrude to four (or multiple) parts of different lengths. The idea being that each of these lengths of alu extrusions will then be used multiple times in an assembly to build a frame.

Since the profile face is the same, my expected flow would be to draw one sketch for the face, then extrude this multiple times to the various lengths. The problem is that all extrusions for new parts are in the same place in part studio. This should probably not be an issue once bringing them all into the assembly (I have not tried this yet), but it is very confusing in part studio with all parts on top of each other, centred around the origin of the single sketch.

Is there a way to move an extruded independently of the position of it's underlying sketch, or is there a better flow? Should I just copy the sketch for each length of extrusion I need in the same part studio? Any other suggestions?


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    fitz_terrafitz_terra Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Thanks to all for the feedback.

    @NeilCooke 's comment about how not having to worry about the view in Part Studio when the parts are used in an assembly is valid, and exactly what I found when starting to play with the assembly.

    The only time you may want to view them all separate in Part Studio is if you need to make adjustments where seeing the full part would be helpful, but even then, you could just hide the other parts.

    As an exercise to learn more, I will test out the transform tool, but I'm suspecting it may change my origin for placement in the assembly, which may not be ideal if this is the case. I'll have to go test this.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback and I will also check out FeatureScript Beams.

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