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Any plans for Onshape in Windows phone?

shashank_shirodkarshashank_shirodkar OS Professional Posts: 4 ✭✭
Is there any plan for launching Onshape for Windows phones such as Lumia series?


Best Answers


  • manuelmanuel Member Posts: 1
    I would also like to have onshape on my Lumia!
  • lawrie_millettlawrie_millett Member Posts: 1

    Another Windows phone fan here. running a MS 640XL

  • ruben_sikkermanruben_sikkerman Member Posts: 1
    Yes! Windows support please. MIcrosoft continium adds destop interface for your mobile so its a great ++ when using win phone.
    You can have my vote :D
  • pete_yodispete_yodis OS Professional, Mentor Posts: 666 ✭✭✭
    Yes! Windows support please. MIcrosoft continium adds destop interface for your mobile so its a great ++ when using win phone.
    You can have my vote :D
    @ruben_sikkerman I suspect that continuum feature would be nice for some folks.  I'm curious to see what they put out next year with the rumored Intel based device.  Support of legacy applications, emphasis on universal apps that scale screen resolutions automatically, and capable of supporting modern web based platforms like Onshape with the ability to install any browser you want.  Ideally support from motion controllers with regards to Bluetooth might be really nice, but the USB-C docks they are providing with additional USB connections might negate that need for now.  I think a killer future feature would be for these devices to augment digital on the top of the physical - important for in field measurement/verifications that intended products will fit easily in the current space allotted... as well other really cool uses.  Now the phone becomes much more your primary device, and maybe your only device  if your budget is squeezed.  I know some places in the world where that is exactly the case, places where the growth potential would be large if things are done efficiently enough.
  • CgCg Member Posts: 1
    Thank You Onshape.

    Please add my vote for windows phone interface (I think... I really like my new windows phone...Nokia).

    I did not see it here, so I will ask it directly. What are support plans for Microsoft Edge Browser, I have seen good/fast demos of web-gl support.

  • robert_holzmannrobert_holzmann Member Posts: 4
    Add me also for a universal app for Windows 10 (mobile). It would be great. :)
  • LumenLumen Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
    Me too

  • adam_mercieradam_mercier OS Professional Posts: 33 PRO
    windows phone user here too. A universal app would also be really nice to use on desktops, but I don't know what it would bring over the browser version.
  • robert_holzmannrobert_holzmann Member Posts: 4
    You can use the universal app with continuum. CAD mobile and desktop in one device.
  • tim_waldemertim_waldemer Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Yes, bring Windows mobile into the game for sure
  • stefano_airoldistefano_airoldi Member Posts: 1
    I subscribe the request for a windows universal app of onshape. I've just discovered onshape and I think it's very interesting, but the lack of a windows app disappointed me a lot. Making a continuum enhanced app will be definitely great!
  • LumenLumen Member Posts: 16 ✭✭
    Work fine on windows 10 desktop EDGE.
  • robert_smith900robert_smith900 Member Posts: 5
    If made as a universal windows app that would take care of touch issues when using a surface.

    I use android, but I'd like it as a Win10 universal app. Add my vote :)
    -- I make paintball stuff --
  • scott_miller120scott_miller120 Member Posts: 2
    Add my vote for a windows phone support. Either through ie/edge browser or a dedicated app. the whole point of onshape is it just works without configuration headaches, and my initial usgae was filled with them (wrong browser wrong phone etc). now that Microsoft bought xamarin it should be easier to have a single development cycle support all device phone (ios, android and windows) as well as windows 10 in tablet or desktop, apple, Linux.
  • ricardo_raimundoricardo_raimundo Member Posts: 1
    Here's my vote on a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app.

    Don't forget we are millions using tablets, hybrids and of course, phones.
    OnShape would be great to use on Continuum and Hololens also.

    Why should we be treated differently? Aren't we costumers like all other user?
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