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Combine a square and circle sketch shape

ts_sklettts_sklett Member Posts: 9
New to OnShape, new to CAD. I've drawn a circle and a square to define a shape that I want to extrude. What I can't figure it out his how to perform a boolean or to combine the circle and the shape to define my desired face that I can then extrude.

A picture is worth a thousand words...
I drew this (two separate sketch primitives: circle and square):

And I want to convert that to this (photoshopped screen shot to mock up what I want):

Any suggestions very appreciated.


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    adam_richardsonadam_richardson Member Posts: 34 ✭✭
    Just to build on what Lou says, you can either leave the sketch as-is (maybe you'll want to use that inner arc and line at some point), or you can delete them. If you leave them, when you use the extrude, you'll need to pick all three regions separately (you can extrude them all at the same time if they're all going to be the same). While this is more clicks, it has the advantage that you can do multiple extrudes off of different sketch regions, going in different directions or depths, or creating new parts as well as adding to existing extrudes.
    However if you know that you won't need that inner geometry, go ahead and delete them with the Trim tool (M shortcut). Then you'll just have one region to pick when you extrude.
    Depending on the complexity of the surrounding geometry, it can sometimes be difficult to get to all the regions to pick them - the key above the Tab key will bring up a picker menu that allows you to toggle through potential selections.
    OnShape doesn't have a boolean operation in sketches.
    Hope that helps!
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    ts_sklettts_sklett Member Posts: 9
    @adam_richardson Thank you for the thorough explanation and making me think about the implications of "cleaning it up", it is well noted.
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