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Starting a sketch from the face of a context of another part in an assembly

john_gentilinjohn_gentilin Member Posts: 15
edited November 2017 in Community Support
In this document, 
Note: Look at revision "V5" in case I move on from here. 

On the Neck Assembly, I created Neck Parts as a "New Part Studio in Context". In that Part Studio, I am shooting sketches off of surfaces in the assembly. i.e. Neck Parts::Sketch5.  My question here is the volatility of that sketch. I moved the servo motor in the assembly but the sketch surface did not move with it. What it did do is make a shadow copy of the original. The same happened when I pulled the diameter from the other stepper shaft in Sketch1 using the "use" command.  I just want to verify the "use" and derive sketch from other context's are really copies of the original and are not tied to changes in that original part. 

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    john_gentilinjohn_gentilin Member Posts: 15
    @NeilCooke, that's a very cool feature that it's versioned and can be updated, almost like a linked part.  Thank You.

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