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Custom property pattern - can't find good documentation

Hans_Ole_LeirvikHans_Ole_Leirvik Member Posts: 46 PRO
I need help in figuring how to make a correct pattern or where to find good documentation of how to make a pattern 

I am creating a property called "Drawing Number", scope Drawing, legal input is like this: AZ-1234-567

I can't figure out the how the pattern should be.
I am trying this pattern: [A-Z][2]-[0-9][4]-[0-9][3]
but it does not work as I want.

Max and minimum length are both set to 11.

As default value a use:  AA-0000-00, but it is not accepted. 

This is all documentation I find :

For validation upon user input, indicate:
  • Can the value be a multi-line value.
  • The minimum length of the value and the maximum length of the value
  • A pattern, if desired, such as any regular expression including:
    • [A-Z]+ which requires 1 or more uppercase alphabetical characters
    • [0-9]+ which requires 1 or more numeric characters
    • [a-z]+ which requires 1 or more lowercase alphabetical characters
    • ONS-[0-9]+ which requires the prefix ‘ONS-’ followed by 1 or more numeric characters. You could put the required prefix in the Default value attribute so it appeared automatically. Users receive an error notification specifying the required pattern if the value is invalid.

Best Answers


  • Hans_Ole_LeirvikHans_Ole_Leirvik Member Posts: 46 PRO
    Hi again, thank you for the pattern descriptions  :) 
    The pattern was accepted, the propery was set to Active and then saved with the new Property called "Capiro DwgUID",

    BUT, it does not show up in the list.. ??  See attached images

  • Hans_Ole_LeirvikHans_Ole_Leirvik Member Posts: 46 PRO
    Oops, sorry - I found  it under Drawing properties..
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